About us

Growth doesn't come with a single action. It is the consequence of persistence, courage and hard work.

- Unknown.

Avila Prime is a consulting company certified as Veteran-Minority owned small business providing integrated solutions with the right supplies and services to resolve any internal or external problem. We offer a wide variety of services and products to help your business grow to empower a sustainable world. We possess a multidisciplinary staff of professionals in the area of engineering, environment, IT, suppliers, and business development.

We will assist you to always be at the forefront of technology while ensuring quality, guaranteeing safety, and protecting the environment. Avila Prime is proud to fulfill your real needs in an eco-friendly way, develop exclusive strategies, build confidence, provide full compliance, and bring innovative solutions to each project.

Our Core Values


We are committed to you and your business and we show it by handling every task from the beginning to the outcome.


Avila Prime is honest and shows a consistent and uncompromising adherence to our strong moral and ethical values.


We care about introducing new technologies and upgrades designed to differentiate your business from the other companies.

Sustainable Business

We achieve this goal by actively considering the environment in the choices we make. We meet your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


  • Internationally trained and highly qualified staff.
  • Over 30 years of combined experience.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Competitive Prices.


541613 – Marketing Consulting Services.
541720 – Business Research & Development services.
541690 – Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services.
541720 – Research & Development Social Sciences and Humanities.

Our Team

Victor Florido


Victor Florido has over 18 years of experience in Project Management and Business Development for the I.T. industry, including, Cybersecurity, Network Infrastructure, as well as network and technical engineering design and management. Victor has managed several multimillion-dollar projects in Europe and the U.S. He has worked with the U.S. Federal Government, the…

…Military, and several private companies. Victor’s background as an active duty Soldier, federal government employee, and senior member of the private industry, in addition to his academic achievements, has prepared him with a solid foundation to provide the highest level of support and expertise to his clients. His unique skillset makes him a valuable asset to our organization and allows him to be a game-changer to our clients.
Victor is as well fluent in English and Spanish.
Mercedes Young


Ms. Young has a bilingual background, experience, and knowledge in all aspects of public involvement in many outreach projects around the country. She is incredibly proficient at developing the project’s most effective public and stakeholder engagement approaches. She works with the technical teams of the project to understand… 

…the project details and creates effective communication platforms for the success of the delivery of the projects.
. With a wide range of experience in coordinating teams for large mixed-use projects, her energy arm has managed and designed stormwater and water treatment plants. She has worked to bring awareness to the public concerning rapid rail projects, including at a local and National level. Although Mercedes has directed and successfully coordinated several nationwide projects, her main footprint has been in Florida. From the Tampa International Airport expansion, 7 foundation projects for high risers and mix-used buildings with the Water Street project to the present Housing Authority project at the “West River” to the excavation of the foundation for the Hubert Hoover Dike in Okeechobee with the Corp. of Engineers. From design-build to construction assessments to provide project-wide logistical support. She led a PD&E for the public transportation systems for 3 counties for the “Rapid Rail Federal Proposal” proposal for FDOT.
Mercedes brings an unmatched skillset and experience to the Avila Prime team, and we could not be more thrilled about having her be part of our team.

Eric DeRise

digital media & marketing director

Eric is an A.I. Video Producer, Instructional Designer, Digital Content Creator, and Voiceover Talent. Animated Explainer Videos are Eric’s specialty.  He produces training videos, marketing videos, and commercial videos as well. He manages websites and email accounts for select clients internationally. He’s also an Author

…and a Professor of video production, communications and digital graphic arts. Both his doctorate and his masters degrees are in Instructional Design and Technology. But his Bachelors degree is in Mass Communications. Because of his unique combination of skills and talents Eric has been described as somewhat of a unicorn. But he prefers to think of himself as a one-man show who’s drive and work ethic make him a great asset to his clients. Over more than 20 years in both Higher Education and Media Production Eric has developed the knowledge and experience needed to support and benefit any team.

Arianna Valero

marketing support

Arianna Valero is a Fashion Designer and Stylist who graduated from Istituto di Moda Burgo, an Italian Fashion University. While she was studying there, she got captivated by Marketing and Branding and after she completed her studies, Arianna started to focus on that area.
During her time at Burgo, she had the opportunity to participate…

…in many Fashion Runways, where she developed different skills, very important to the Fashion Industry and the Professional World.
In addition, her primary abilities are creative thinking, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
She has worked with several companies covering the area of Marketing and Branding by designing logos, websites, campaigns, strategists, analysis, and more…
Also, Arianna has always been interested in environmental movements and cares about the impact of the Industry on the planet, which is one of the main principles of Avila Prime.
Besides, she is fluent in English and Spanish.